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The West Nile Virus
The West Nile Virus was a big issue on the East Coast, particularly in New York, in 2000. The West Nile Virus was carried by mosquitos and if bitten, could cause serious health effects, even death, especially to senior citizens or young children, whose immune systems are weaker. As a result of a few deaths and dead infected birds "attributed" to the West Nile Virus, the New York government began a spraying program.

Of course, many citizens petitioned the state government to initiate the sprayings, afraid that they would be infected too. Indeed, the only thing that the people of New York were really infected with was a strong dose of fear injected by the media. The sprayings occurred in many parts of the New York area, such as New York City and parts of Long Island.

The question is whether there actually was a "West Nile Virus" and more importantly, whether the spraying over human populations was necessary to eliminate this 'noxious' virus.

The contents in the spray included what the government called a mild nerve toxin, which was supposed to kill mosquitos by paralyzing their nervous system. After all, the government contended, the spray had no adverse effects on humans. Okay...

But this conspiracy had more twists than many environmentalists were aware of. The West Nile Virus fiasco was a secret partnership between an unnamed drug corporation and the United States Military.

Let's talk about each one. First, the military, as it had done in the past, experimented with biological and chemical warfare. Its one thing to test new military weapons on rats and hamsters, but to see how these biological and chemical weapons interact with live human beings provide more accurate results. As you may or may not be aware of, the military sprayed biological and chemical agents in New York City during the World Wars to test how people would react.

The second, and in many ways more troublesome, is the corporate connection to the West Nile Virus. There are two aspects to their involvement.

First, the unnamed drug corporation, which is backed by the United States Government, started this fear of the West Nile Virus in order to increase demand for the pesticide that kills the West Nile Virus, which in turn increased profits. In other words, the government spraying was legitimized by the public outcry for the spraying. In this way, the hazards and sinister motives behind the sprayings were masked under the guise of 'public safety'.

Second, the pesticide also contains a "P.C.I.G.", a precursor controller illness generator. What this means is that someone who comes in contact with the pesticide spray gets the special gift of having a PCIG in their system.

The precursor controller acts as a special illness generator, which causes special illnesses whose cures and/or treatments are only offered by the technology solely manufactured by this government-backed drug corporation. In this way, this corporation has a large amount of patents it is able to sell to "normal" drug companies as these illnesses "mysteriously" arise. (In patent law, a drug corporation has a limited time to possess an exclusive patent before having to share it with other companies. This is what will happen with Pfizer and the Viagra pill).

The West Nile Virus, or other types of viruses with different names, will likely "spread" to other parts of the country. This will prompt public outcry -- which is manipulated by the media -- for more sprayings.

The partnership between this unnamed drug corporation and the United States Military continues.





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