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The Tele-Communications Conspiracy
You think what you say on your phone or write in your emails is private? Think again. The government uses state-of-the-art technology to eavesdrop on the citizenry. And it's been doing this since the 1950's.

Keywords and the Super-Computer
In the late 1940's, the government created a supercomputer, known as Ergo9. Ergo9 was used, in conjunction with various satellites, to spy on the Russians. It worked via a keyword system. From intercepted phone calls and other data transmissions, the computer sifted through communications, and any time certain keywords popped up, Ergo9 picked it up almost instantenously. For example, through the efforts of Ergo9, the United States government knew Russian missles were going to be sent to Cuba in the Mid-1950's, long before the CIA "discovered" the missles via spy-photographs. [More on the Cuba Missle Crisis Conspiracy in later editions of Conspiracy News].

Ergo9 and the U.S. citizenry
It wasn't long before the government realized that it could use Ergo9 technology not only on the perceived enemy -- the Russians -- but also as a surveillance tool to spy on their own people.

Ergo9 technology, which works in conjunction with satellites, was used to intercept phone calls and other data transmissions within the borders of the United States. For example, if someone said "bomb" or "assasinate", it would be picked up by the Ergo9 supercomputer.

Over time, Ergo9 technology -- which throughout the intelligence community has changed names -- has been used not only to find "criminals" who are a threat to "public safety" but also to manipulate the economy by feeding insider information to specially targeted institutional financial corporations.

Indeed, as will be discussed in a future versions of Conpsiracy News, the information gathered by Ergo9 technology is manipulated in various ways. In other words, just because the government discovers that something bad will happen, it does not mean, necessarily, that the government will do something to prevent it. For example, the government knew about the Oklahoma City Bombing at least a year before it happened. The real question, which will be answered later, is why the government acts or fails to act when encountering certain types of information .

Answering questions such as this is where the deeper and more twisted conpiracies lie. Stay tuned for this information.


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