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The Highway Construction Conspiracy
In many states across America, water pipes and other types of pipes are continually being replaced underground. These seemingly neverending projects that delay traffic day-in and day-out in the name of "state infrastructure improvement" has more to it than testing your patience while in your car.

Water Pipes?
From the Long Island Expressway in New York to the Hawaii Water Pipe Revitalization Project, state governments utilizing federal monies are continually replacing water pipes and other types of pipes under major roadways and highways. While in your car, you probably ask yourself, "Didn't they just tear up this damn highway yesterday?" or more specifically, "Why is this road always under construction? When will they ever finish?"

The real question is not whether they will finish the project, but whether their primary purpose is to improve infrastructure
Project Latimer and its aftermath
The Highway Construction Conspiracy is based on Project Latimer, which had its first origins under the Eisenhower administration's massive highway project. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Counsel (NSC) realized the great opportunity this project offered. During this time, these agencies created specialized fiber optic tunnels adjacent to water pipes and other pipes underground. These test tunnels were connected to various locations for more specific and close-up spying techniques...ranging from businesses, individuals, government departments, to cars.

It was not until 1980 with the advent of Project Tham did government scientists discover how to fuse fiber optic and other receptor site cells into cement, copper, and other materials effectively. This made it easier to install the technology without having to utilize adjacent tunnels. Furthermore, it did not require a large agency presence in the installation of the pipes, since all the agency had to do was control the in-state manufacturing sites.

Although satellites cover many areas of the globe, there is still a heavy nead for millions of miles of fiber optics underground. They are continually being changed and updated as new technologies are modified.

In Hawaii, for example, there is an Island Wide water pipe removal system. In other words, ALL the water pipes are being changed all across the island. Furthermore, all across the United States, you will notice, many times on the backpage of your newspaper, that water pipes are being removed or that a water main has "broke". Many state civil "engineers" will explain that water pipes are continually changed every two years or so.

Indeed, although states are replacing water pipes, they are also, unknowingly, installing millions of miles of fiber optics and other receptor cells. As discussed earlier, these wires are used to monitor everything, sometimes as a backup to satellite system monitoring or to more specific monitoring strategies to fill any gaps of satellite technology.

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